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Hello! Thank you for trying my game. This game has a planned release date of early '23. It is an NROM arcade game with 4 short levels and 4 hard bosses. While a little rough around the edges, this demo features all game play and most features.This demo does not feature an adjustable difficulty, but the final product will. This is the medium setting. 

Feedback is greatly appreciated.


StarPowerDemo.nes 40 kB

Install instructions

simply load this up with an accurate emulator like Mesen or FCEUX


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Awesome work !

Hey thanks! I was hoping I'd get a playthrough from you! Can't wait to show you the full game.


Just finished playing it and it is super fun. Nice job! Can't wait to see more. 

Thank you so much for playing! I appreciate the kind words


Oh my goodness this is incredible!

I was checking out all the NES compo games and I couldn't stop myself from playing this like 4 or 5 times before moving onto the next game.

The art and sprites are all cute as heck, and everything feels vibrant and clear. I absolutely adore the aesthetic of the game, and it looks wonderful and plays super smoothly even with all the projectiles!

The music is one heck of an earworm, too, I couldn't stop bobbing my head. And of course, as a game itself, this hits a sweet spot for me difficulty wise and it's nice to know you'll be adding multiple difficulties.

Much love on this project - very much looking forward to the full game, but also just want to express that I loved the experience provided by the demo, too! 


Wow thank you so much! I had so much fun making it and I'm glad you enjoy all the little details  :) I can't wait to release the full game, the other 3 levels are just as vibrant!


Really cool and fun game, I've never though that I would ever see a danmaku game on the nes, that even runs runs really smooth!, congrats for that. My only complain would be the frequency you are required to tap the shot button to shoot unfocused, maybe I'm accustomed to arcade games where you are rapidly taping the shoot button, but I feel that if you tap a little bit fast your character goes focus mode, although you could get used to it I guess. Looking forward to this!

Thank you so much! I've always wanted to see a danmaku on the NES and it was quite a journey getting it to work with the system. 

I very much appreciate your feedback and I have noticed the same issue , especially when playing with my arcade stick, where I can tap with two fingers. I'll keep posting revisions of the one level demo so these controls feel polished to the players, so stick around!